Withdraw BAT from the Brave Browser

Withdraw BAT from the Brave Browser

Withdraw BAT from Brave

Brave’s BAT wallet is now bi-directional meaning that you can withdraw tokens that are sent to your wallet. As most of you know, you can now earn BAT from watching Brave ads. Up until now, you haven’t been able to withdraw those tokens. The only thing you could do was save them or tip the tokens to other content creators. A few days ago, Brave updated their Nightly browser to include this bidirectional functionality.

Brave Bugs

Be warned that Nightly has the latest features integrated into it which are largely untested. I had the pleasure of finding out first hand exactly what they meant by bleeding-edge. The first problem I ran into was verifying my wallet. Apparently, I registered as a business when I signed up with Uphold (the company that handles the Know Your Customer process). When I attempted to verify my wallet, it kept redirecting me to a business form that I had to fill out and it wasn’t clear how to change this. I opened a ticket with Uphold and their support was able to get this issue resolved quickly.

Brave’s Wallet is now Bidirectional

After I verified my wallet, I noticed I couldn’t see the funds in my Uphold account (your Brave wallet syncs with Uphold). Long story short, since I didn’t have any BAT in my Nightly wallet, I figured I could backup my wallet from the Developer version of Brave and then restore it to the Nightly version. My BAT instantly showed up in Nightly, however I couldn’t get it to show up in Uphold. Currently, using this method of moving BAT over to Nightly will not allow you to withdraw the funds as it breaks the sync between that wallet and Uphold (for now). 

I uninstalled Nightly, reinstalled, created a new wallet and then sent BAT from Coinbase to my new Nightly wallet. Within 10 minutes or so the funds appeared in my wallet and it synced up with Uphold. From there, I was then able to withdraw BAT from the Brave browser and send it to Coinbase proving that bidirectional functionality is working! 

T-Shoot the Brave Bugs

I made a post about this issue on Twitter and one of their staff-members got on a Skype call with me to begin troubleshooting the issue (on a Sunday!) Sampson was very quick to pick up that recovering the wallet to Nightly was causing the problem. He opened a ticket and said that there should be a fix for this soon. Check out the Twitter thread. It’s really impressive that they were able to jump on this so quickly. Even the CEO of Brave, Brendan Eich, dropped in to make sure things were handled properly.

Now you can actually get paid to watch ads and withdraw your BAT from the Brave browser! Brave has made headlines recently for releasing Brave Ads on Android. You can track Brave’s growth by visiting batgrowth.com

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