Wikipedia is Now a Brave Verified Publisher

Wikipedia is Now a Brave Verified Publisher

Wikipedia has now joined the hundreds of thousands of Brave verified publishers on the internet. This means when you visit their website, you can tip them directly with the BAT that you earned from watching ads. How many of us use Wikipedia without actually contributing anything back? This would be the most effortless way to give back to Wikipedia. Simply by using the Brave browser, and enabling Brave Ads, you will automatically accrue BAT which can then be withdrawn or sent to other content creators.

Wikipedia is the 7th most visited website in the world. The Internet Archive, recently became a Brave verified publisher as well. The Internet Archive reported that becoming a Brave Publisher was just a “fun experiment”. Since they signed up, they’ve made over $2,500 worth of BAT. 

“This was an unexpected windfall. It was also proof that the current web, the one that’s driven by ads that know our every move, doesn’t have to be the web of the future. There could be a better way that’s secure, private and supported by its citizenry.”

The amount of Brave verified publishers has increased over 1,200% since mid-July, 2018. We are beginning to see mainstream adoption for a new, more efficient internet. One where privacy is respected and attention is rewarded. 

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