The Dapper Wallet

The Dapper Wallet

Dapper Labs, the creator of CryptoKitties, has finally created an alternative to the most popular decentralized application (dApp) explorer – we’ll refer to it as a wallet for simplicity. Without going too deep into the technical details, a dApp is an application that uses a peer-to-peer network to run the back-end code instead of a centralized server. This effectively makes the dApp immune to censorship or hacking.

The Dapper Wallet

The most popular dApps within the crypto-scene are video games. If you’re interested in reading about the current state of decentralized games and digital-assets please read my recent post here. The wallet communicates with the dApp and let’s you store your digital assets and cryptocurrency on it. You can also do many other interesting things with the wallet using smart contracts.

Metamask has been the go-to digital wallet that lets you interact with dApps. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to use and doesn’t have a slick interface that you would expect with a next-generation wallet. The Dapper wallet is an extension for your browser (use Brave) that shines in a couple ways that will make it attractive to crypto-newcomers:

  • It simplifies the spending (and apparently cheapens) the process by automatically calculating (and paying for) the best ‘gas fee’ which is a transaction fee you see in Metamask. Removing this extra step is definitely a welcome addition.
  • Allows you to store digital-assets in smart contracts so they’re always accessible as long as you have access to your account.
  • It enables account recovery without Dapper having control of your funds.
  • Allows you to buy Ethereum (ETH) directly from the Dapper extension via Simplex integration. There is a flat $10 service fee for anything less than $200. For purchases of more than $200, Simplex charges a 5% service fee. I would recommend buying from Coinbase and then sending ETH to the Dapper wallet.
Dapper wallet in Decentraland

You can currently play Cryptokitty, Decentraland, Etheremon, My Crypto Heroes, Axie Infinity, and MegaCryptoPolis with Dapper. By using the wallet, you’ll also be eligible for special offers from the dApp that you’re connecting to. There’s a lot more to come soon, including The Yellow Bit Road. You can install Dapper on Chrome but I highly recommend using the Brave browser instead. iOS and Android support are coming soon.

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