PewDiePie joins Blockchain-based live streaming platform –
PewDiePie streams for the first time on a blockchain-based live streaming platform

PewDiePie joins Blockchain-based live streaming platform –

PewdiePie, one of Youtube’s biggest stars, recently fell to the second most subscribed Youtube channel on the platform. This, coupled with some of his controversial videos getting demonetized, has pushed the public figure to look for another platform to stream on.

PewDiePie Streams for the first time on DLive.TV

Welcome to – a live streaming platform that incorporates its own cryptocurrency called Lino. They take a much smaller share of the donations (9.9% compared to 50% on Twitch or 45% on Youtube). It’s an interesting move considering Alex Jones was recently banned from the platform so he will not have complete free reign while streaming.

Viewers will also be rewarded for engaging with content creators. You can earn Lino by interacting with the chatroom or simply watching your favorite streamers.

PewdiePie streamed for the first time on Dlive on April 14’th, 2019. It was a 2-hour event where he went around to other streams and donated money back to the creators. He plans on streaming twice a week on Dlive.TV

Decentralized Crypto Networks

Social media platforms that are decentralized or incorporate blockchain/crypto have been coming out of the woodwork over the past few years. Here is a list of projects that are getting a considerable amount of traffic. There are a lot of other projects that aren’t mentioned here because they’re still being developed and aren’t receiving much traffic.

Steemit – Similar to Reddit where people use crypto to reward content creators.

Minds – Similar to Twitter, you can use crypto to promote your content, it also includes an encrypted chat feature. – A platform used to verify professional skills (mostly coding for now) and then connecting users with employers.

YouNow – Live broadcasting service similar to Youtube.

HyperSpace – Similar to Reddit or Steemit

Sapian – Similar to Reddit or Steemit

Somee – Similar to Facebook – Live streaming platform that uses cryptocurrency

D.Tube – Decentralized streaming service which means it’s censorship resistant. is not truly decentralized. Videos can be censored as was proven with the removal of Alex Jones.

D.Tube, YouNow and DLive.TV seem to be the most active platforms. We’re still waiting for a viable Facebook alternative. Some of these platforms come pretty close to what Facebook does. I think we’ll see something poke its head through that incorporates key elements of all of the above in the near future.

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