Learn to Earn – Basic Attention Token
Learn to Earn

Learn to Earn – Basic Attention Token

Coinbase Earn

I wrote another article on how to earn 0x tokens from Coinbase’s Earn program. At the time, I wasn’t eligible to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). I applied for the program and recently saw the email saying I was accepted. It appears to be open to everyone that has an account on Coinbase at this point. If it’s not open, you’ll have to apply and they should open it up to you pretty quickly. What’s so great about this is that you get paid $10 in BAT after watching about 10 minutes of video explaining what Brave and BAT are. That’s more than I get paid at my full time job! While you won’t be able to make a living off it, you can make a few bucks while, most importantly, learning about legitimate crypto projects and how they’re shaping our future.

First 3 Videos on Coinbase allowing you to earn the Basic Attention Token

On February 5th 2019 BAT was selling for $0.10 on exchanges. Here we are a little over a month later and it’s at $0.20 – that’s a 100% jump. While these types of fluctuations are pretty common in crypto, BAT has not been a highly volatile token. It’s been hovering in the .10-.30 cent zone for almost 2 years – with the occasional outlier. There’s always a correction after a big breakout so be careful chasing the cheddar. I don’t think we’ve seen the breakout with BAT yet. What we’re seeing is smooth linear growth with new features to support it. Brave recently went into phase two which will allow users to earn BAT just for viewing advertisements. This is the big leap that everyone has been waiting for. It’s only available in the Developer version so make sure you download it if you want to experiment with earning BAT.

Earn $7 in BAT just for downloading the Brave browser


After finishing the lessons, the BAT was immediately deposited into my Coinbase account. Since I’m already familiar with the Brave/BAT project I can’t say I learned much from this program, so I feel obligated to give what I made back to the community. The first 10 people to leave a comment with a Brave verified site will get 10 BAT!

Coinbase – https://www.coinbase.com/join/5aee57591e85dc1084b302bb – Sign up to get $10 of free Bitcoin after you spend $100 of digital currency using my referral code.

Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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  1. 0x9BD215C2530dF574657510B2F991d5C326df7C50

    Here i have the address of BAT token from Metamask chrome extension 🙂

    or address from Uphold Brave wallet : 0x67213463588EE05891642626Fe181467CB9a421e

    1. Claudiu! Thanks for playing but it’s one prize per person per post! Congrats on winning in both posts 🙂 I’ll work with you on this, if you get someone to comment with their BAT or Ox address on one of these posts WITH the referral code ‘Follow the Yellow Bit Road‘ I’ll know you brought them here and I’ll send you another 10 BAT. Sound fair?

  2. 0x9BD215C2530dF574657510B2F991d5C326df7C50

    1. Congratulations, you’re the lucky winner of 10 BAT! Good things come when you follow the Yellow Bit Road 😉

  3. and that’s what you call truth 🙂 thanks mate , 10 BAT arrived 🙂 lucky me

    1. Thanks for stopping by, lots more to come so considering clicking that follow button to get notified when more content/prizes are available ;0) Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Those Coinbase Earn lessons were what piqued my interest in Brave and so far I have been loving the browser.

    Thanks for the article.

    1. It really is great, I’m typing this reply in Brave now! They just released the mobile version on Android which allows you to tip Brave verified websites (you have to change a setting in brave://flags/). I got 40 BAT just by creating a wallet on there 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

    2. Were you waiting for an address to send those 10 bat to?
      Forgot to include that:
      Thanks again,
      I’ll keep reading.

      1. 0x84AB7C1e0629DABA6F8d22497fe5c16c2d3dF3EC is my actual Brave rewards address the previous one also accepts BAT though.
        My bad

        It’s all good! I’ve been waiting for your address 😉 Just sent it over, thanks for stopping by!

      2. Thanks, Aaron, I responded to your other comment. Let me know if it came through.

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