Brave Ads on Android

Brave Ads on Android

Brave has finally released mobile ads on Android. Now you can earn Brave’s Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) by watching ads on the mobile app. Brave puts a big emphasis on privacy by integrating machine learning into their advertising platform. While you’re browsing topics of interest, an algorithm is running locally on your device to learn which ads are relevant to you. This is in contrast to the current model which uses trackers to identify what is relevant and then sends (and sells) that information to multiple different entities. 

Opt-In to Brave Ads

When you download the latest version of Brave on Android, you will have to opt-in to see the ads. To do this, tap on the BAT triangle in the top right, go to settings, go to ‘View Details’, and then tap on the 3 horizontal lines. From there, you can select how many ads you see per hour. The ads are displayed as notifications so you can easily swipe them off your screen if you’re not interested. This is a welcome alternative to most of the other intrusive ads where you have to hunt around for the ‘close’ button, and they give you nothing in return for the few seconds you spent staring at it.

You’ve never seen an ad like this before.

If you don’t want to see ads, then you don’t have to do anything other than download the Brave app. Brave comes with a built-in ad-blocker so you won’t be bombarded by ads that you typically see while browsing on your phone. If you do opt-in for Brave ads, you will be compensated for viewing each advertisement. You will also earn more if you click on the ad, and even more if you buy something from the advertiser. It is unclear how exactly this will all work as it’s all very new and they want to make sure fraud-detection and prevention is addressed (which is a problem that plagues the current ad industry). Advertisers lose approximately $100 million dollars a day due to ad fraud.

Even if you don’t opt-in for the ads, you can still save money by using less data on your cellphone. Did you know that mobile advertisements can account for up to 79% of your bandwidth usage? Wouldn’t it feel better knowing that you’re not paying to see advertisements?

Brave Stats

Brave is becoming a very attractive advertising platform. A recent report indicates that ads served on the Brave platform received a 22% click-through rate (CTR). Compare that to an average 0.35% CTR for display-ads across all industries. Brave has the potential to be a massive disruptor in their industry and they’re at the bleeding-edge of this unique approach to advertising. Granted, most of the users on Brave are technologists interested in crypto, and a majority of the ads are targeting this niche. 

Brave Verified Youtube Publishers –

Still, the charts indicate explosive growth for the platform. You can Brave-verify your Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, and Twitch accounts (and any website you have control over). This means that if someone wants to regularly tip your account or website, as long as you’re Brave verified, all they need to do is visit your site and you’re automatically added to their auto-contribute list. Users also have the option of tipping the site directly. Just click on the triangle to tip. Supporting your favorite content creators has never been easier!

Tip Content Creators from the Brave Mobile App

Brave also released their mobile wallet on Android so you can collect BAT and spend it in their ecosystem. I use this application on a daily basis, it is the only browser I use on my mobile device (for privacy, convenience, and monetary reasons). It is my daily driver for my desktop browser too so I can definitely vouch for it.

If you want to learn more about Brave and BAT, the best way is by downloading the desktop app (referral link) or the mobile app. Check out my recent article on how to use the Coinbase Earn program to get paid (in BAT) just to watch a few informative videos about Brave and their token. 

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